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Welcome to our Updated Message Forums!


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Dear Members and Visitors,

Welcome to our new forum system upgrade! It's our most significant undertaking at Lymphoma.com in 11 years. There are a lot of great new features that our upgrade brings. And while a lot of things will seem pretty familiar, we understand some things may take a little getting used to.

Both I and my technology company WebMagic have been pleased to help support the Lymphoma community for more than 30 years. We began by providing computer support to the Lymphoma Research Foundation of America in the late 1980s. We built computers for them, provided general tech assistance, and built for them one of the first health related web sites for them. We registered Lymphoma.org in 1995 and Lymphoma.com in 1996. Lymphoma.org was subsequently donated to LRFA (which merged with another Lymphoma research non-profit to form the Lymphoma Research Foundation). Lymphoma.com on the other hand, has focused on online peer support groups for Lymphoma patients, their family and friends.

We know transitions can sometimes be tough for people. As such, we will be operating forums-2016@lymphoma.com until the end of May to address forum transition questions.

A couple things to note about the new system:

  • MOBILE FRIENDLY -- The new forums are now mobile friendly! Try visiting on your phone or tablet! As such, Tapatalk is no longer supported. From a system admin perspective -- administration and security in particular -- we've wanted to get rid of Tapatalk for a long time. And there were too many times they would insert their advertising when displaying our forums threads (and more than once we went back in and turned such settings off).
  • LOOK AND FEEL CAN BE CUSTOMIZED -- You can pick how you would like the forums to look. At the bottom left hand corner of the page, it reads "Default Style". You can click on it and try other settings. Primarily the other choices change things like (a) Background color, (b) text color, and whether avatars (users personal image icons attached to each post) show as square or round...
  • BLOGS -- The old forum had a separate system for blogs buried in one of the pull-down menu. We are guessing a lot of users didn't even notice it existed! It allowed someone to post, and only the poster could reply to their own thread. All these messages have been moved into a new regularly forum section called 'Personal Blogs'. If we have set up permissions correctly, it should respond the same way the old blogs did -- only an original poster can add to their own thread. The distinction though is in this new section there is nothing (at least nothing yet) from preventing someone from starting more than one thread.
  • SEMI-PRIVATE FORUM SECTIONS -- We've created a new 'MORE' forum category, and moved two into it, including the 'Time Out From Lymphoma' (off-topic section). This entire 'More' category is now available only to those that are logged in. That also means that posts in this category should be invisible to Google searches. Now, the Time Out From Lymphoma section has been pretty inactive. This is sort of an experiment to see if adding a little more privacy (or just introducing the new forum software) would make this section more interesting to people.
  • MAIN SITE LOG IN / SETTINGS / NEW ACCOUNTS - Much of the account functions on the main site are down for much of the day as we continue to work on some improvements to the code base.
As people have questions that we think will have interest to all, or as we think of other things worth mentioning, we'll update this post.

Best wishes,

Greg McLemore
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