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Welcome hailstorm


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Hi and welcome to our family. I saw your post in the "our stories" and wanted to officially welcome you. I am sorry that this disease has touched your life but am happy you found your way here. This family is very informational and supportive and I hope you find as much comfort as I have. My best to you.

pine soul

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A big welcome to you. It sounds like you were truly put through the wringer to get a diagnosis. Hopefully things are a bit more boring here on out!


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Hi Sr. Hailstorm!
Welcome to our group. I read your story and thank you for posting all that info for others to see if they have a similar issue. My what a ride you were on trying to get a for-real diagnosis! I'm so glad you seem to be having good results! No more bleeding is a very good thing!! That R-CHOP can work VERY quickly - It did for me too!
Keep us posted and be sure to wear a hat/or ski cap type deal at night! Sleep tight!


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Just wanted to add another welcome to the list. Please take a look at lymphomation.org for lots of great information. Also check out the "welcome wagon" thread for links to lots of other threads here on the board.

Hope the treatments give you a speedy resolution to your difficulties!



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It sounds like you were truly put through the wringer to get a diagnosis.
I agree!

Welcome to our forum family. I'm sorry it took so long to get a proper diagnosis. It sounds like treatment is working well though.



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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

R-CHOP Cycle #2 begins tomorrow. I hope they're right when they say the Rituximab won't give me a 102 degree fever this time around. I actually had a little bit of bleeding yesterday for the first time since the start of treatment. Nothing major though, just a little bit visible on the toilet paper. I'm thinking that the next treatment beats it back down again for good.

I still have enough hair left that it's worth keeping, so I've been babying it along to see if I can keep it through the holidays. No combing or scratching, shampooing only every other day, and wearing a plastic hairnet at night while sleeping. After reaching the point of no return I'll move on to tacky hats, toupees and do-rags!

Will probably go back to work again at the beginning of the year. It's a simple programming desk job, so if I can handle the 70 minute train ride to work, I imagine I should be okay.


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Welcome hailstorm!
Soo funny story. I totally just sent you a PM on cancerforums.net telling you about this site. Then I was JUST reading "Our stories" and realized you are already here. LOL

So ignore my PM on the other forum and welcome!


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Finished the last of the predisone of cycle 2 today. So far still nothing too terribly hard...if anything this cycle has been a bit easier than the first. Through gratuitous hand washing, gargling, and mask wearing, I have even managed to avoid my daughter's cold up to this point.

On the other hand, I have definitely starting to look like the stereotypical cancer patient from the neck up. Yesterday after shedding like a cat on steroids I thought that I would finally shave it all off, but after rigourous towel wiping and combing there was still a sizable amount of hair that just didn't want to come off yet. And it kind of feels nice to the touch, like a baby's head. So against my wife's wishes, I'm keeping this little bit on me for now...but I ain't leaving the house any more without one of my nice new hats I got for Christmas.


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I thought this thread was weather related.

Hailstorm, welcome to the board. I'm glad that things seem to be going well for you.


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Checking in to say I'm still doing fine.

To all of you currently in this fight, hang in there. You've still got a lot of life left to live.


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Thanks for stopping us in. It is great to know that you are doing so well.

I scanned back a few posts and saw this statement from you, "Through gratuitous hand washing, gargling, and mask wearing...." So did the feeling of deja vu make you think of treatment and the forum!?!


Welcome to our Friendly Forum,
Sorry you have a reason to be here, but we're always here.