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Stem cell collection not 100% successful


Hello everyone,

10 years after R-CVP and 2 years after B+R, I have relapsed again and am now doing RCHOP x 6 followed by Auto SCT.

On the 20th, I had Cyclophosphamide and Grastofil to mobilize my stem cells for collection. One week later, collection was supposed to start but I was sent home on day 1 and day 2 because I wasn’t hitting the magical «*10*» required to start collection. The highest I was able to hit all week is «*8*» and even with 3 shots of Mozobil, I was only able to get a total of 1.89 million over 4 days which is not ideal.

I saw my Dr today and he says the first step is to get the report about the quality of the collected cells. Once we have that final number, there are some options. He says he has done a transplant with 1.7 million. Another option is to let the bone marrow rest a bit (once RCHOP is over) and try to collect again using only Grastofil (no chemo). It’s reasonable to think that I would be able to get the missing cells from that 2nd round.

Has anyone been through this and were you able to collect more cells during a 2nd round or go through a successful transplant with less than 2 million cells?

Thank you


I had an allo transplant, so I can’t answer your questions on stem cell collection, but I’m glad at least you’re being given options. I hope you have a successful treatment plan.


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I was also an allo transplant and so didn’t have to face this step. But I get that each barrier we hit is so tough to face.

I hope some of our auto transplant folks stop by. I do remember some people having to do quite a few days of collecting to get enough cells but I don’t remember the numbers. I hope more rest gets you more cells next time.

Let us know how it goes.

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I don't understand why it varies so much. In November 2017 they harvested my stem cells for a planned auto stem cell transplant scheduled for Dec 22nd, I was told they needed 5 million … or maybe that's what they wanted? They set aside 3 days for collection, I planned to check into a nice motel near the hospital so I could "be close" for early starts.

Was a fellow about my age beside me, he & his wife too had a room. On the first day, chatting with them, he said also they wanted 5 million. At shortly after noon, they unhooked me and said they thought they had enough but asked me (& wife) to hang out in the lobby until they could be sure. About 3pm we got a call from lead Dr. on the stem cell unit, my "Stem Cell GURU Doc", she said to go home as they had collected 10 million, she said she was sure … so we left, no motel, just drove the hour plus home stopping for supper. She said they ran my blood through the centrifuge three complete loops. She laughed when I asked how she knew, she said they counted them all … but I am sure it's a calculation involved.

Later on, I saw that fellow and his wife in the stem cell unit, they checked in a day or so after us, they said they were in the harvesting lab all three days, only got something over 4 million, almost the 5 million they wanted. I know that he got the transplant, but I lost track of them afterwards.

We did see them at a checkup months later, they said he was doing well.

I did develop really bad case of shingles in my left leg / hip / foot too.

If that Doc. says he's done it with 1.7 million and successful, I'd believe him.

In my case I had done RCHOP in the fall/winter of 2016/17, relapsed in the summer of 2017, so my ASCT wasn't right on the heels of RCHOP.
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I collected basically zero day one and then was successful. So I can't speak to the 2nd round. The only thing - they didn't try to collect my cells until all chemo was over.
Wishing you the magical millions!!