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Rob Lowe's father a NHL survivor...


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Found this on the Entertainment section of AOL today. Rob Lowe's father is apparently a NHL survivor. Gee wonder if we bug the West Wing Bartlett White House do ya think maybe we can get some more funding for research??

The West Wing's Rob Lowe, 38, turned his attention from politics to medicine recently, taping a video for patients and their families explaining the rigors of chemotherapy. (A biotech firm will distribute the tape free through the Web site www.bymyside.com.) His costar is his father, attorney Chuck Lowe, 62, a cancer survivor. The younger Lowe spoke with Scoop about the experience and life in TV's White House.

Q: What inspired this project?
A: My great-grandmother had breast cancer, my grandmother had breast cancer, and my father, I'm happy to say, is a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor.

Q: Does it make you think of your own mortality?
A: Definitely.

Q: What do you and your father discuss on the video?
A: His experience and how important it is for families to take an active role in treatment.

Q: How's his health?
A: He's great. He had two bouts with cancer, and he's been cancer-free for about seven years, so he's a success story. God bless his heart, he looks like a male model.

Q: But back then…?
A: It was an unbelievably stressful time. Nobody should ever have to see their parents scared


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Hi. I wonder if that has anything to do with a recent episode where Rob Lowe's old college professor comes to the white house asking for a favor. And it turned out he has NHL? It was a good episode.

Jen Moreno

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That's the first thing I though of too! Nice to see some celebraties getting involved and helping out!


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Rob's Cancer Campaign
April 22, 2002

ROB LOWE is perhaps best known these days for his role on the hit NBC series, "The West Wing." Now, the Emmy Award-nominated actor has taken on another role as an advocate for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Tonight on ET, the "West Wing" star talks about his father's bout with cancer and new advances in infection prevention.

"As a family we knew that my dad's chemotherapy could cause him to lose his hair or have nausea," explains Rob, "But we had no idea that chemotherapy could cause an infection and that it could delay his treatment and his time in remission."

By destroying white blood cells along with cancer cells, chemotherapy can make patients vulnerable to infections -- one of the most serious and unrecognized consequences of the treatment. Simple infections can land patients back in the hospital, delay life-saving treatments or even become life-threatening.

After witnessing the ravages of cancer firsthand with his father, CHUCK LOWE -- a non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor -- Rob is launching a campaign to raise awareness about infection risk, called By My Side: Taking Charge of Cancer Treatment.

"I'm really proud of what Rob is doing," says Chuck. "Cancer's touched three generations of his life. When I was ill with cancer, he was there beside me. He helped me. And now he's helping millions of others."

By My Side gives cancer patients the power to take charge of their treatment and avoid infections. One advance that Rob is promoting is Neulasta, a new prescription available for the first time this month, that can help protect cancer patients undergoing certain types of chemotherapy from infections.

A multi-media program that offers a wealth of free information for cancer patients and their families, By My Side can be obtained as a booklet, video, or on the Internet. Patients can access information by calling 866-By-My-Side or logging onto www.ByMySide.com.


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