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Poem - The Good Cancer


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Hi all - another oldie on the board asked me to post this since most of you newbies have not read it and might appreciate it....so here you go, hope you like it:

The Good Cancer (ode to Hodgkins Lymphoma)

You have the good cancer, that’s what I am told
Bring on the chemo, You have me, I’m sold
But why all the sickness, And damn my bones ache
I think I am having, The worst hangover to date
I gained blurry vision and have lost all my taste
Whatever I put in my mouth, Tastes exactly like paste
Evacuations are unlikely, Without the aid of a pill
Don’t even bother trying, your stomach will kill
While most people have, A port in their chest
Mine failed me twice, Stubbornness at its best
And what’s that in my neck, A blood clot you say
Now four months of gut shots, And a fun hospital stay?
Now I have this thing, they call a PICC line
It sticks out of my arm, And hurts all the time
It will infect quite easy, And it hardly seems fair
I’m now forced to take showers, With my arm in the air
To prevent feeling too bad, Steroids are common
But how many more times, Will I see 3 in the morning
Sleep has become, As distant a memory
As the hair I once had, It used to be lovely
Eyelashes and eyebrows, they used to be there
They left a little slower, but followed the hair
Sometimes I am mad, want to bash in the wall
But the next minute I’m crying, curled up on the floor
The drugs are real toxic, Long term side affects are real
Other cancers can happen, I want a new deal
Don’t forget all the sadness, You’ll feel late at night
When sleep won’t come easy, You ponder giving up the fight
This lucky cancer, I’m so lucky to have
Just stole my sex drive, but yeah, I’m still glad
I have the good cancer, didn’t you hear?
It means a vacation, take off life for a year
You have the good cancer, Are you out of your mind
Maybe you want some, why not? It’s the good kind


New member
oh this is so true! (I stole this)

funny sad ironic and very true.

Amazing poem and thank you for posting it.