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our doffie.....sending prayrs, hopes, smiles


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i got an emale frm her. frankly, i'm stunnd. anjou, andy, ANYONE pleez help me undrstand it. she gave me the go-ahed to share the info. annd lets all hug her. it made me feel bettr whn jeannek postd bout me whn i ws doin bad. and i'm afrad our doffie isnt doin grate.

she is going to the onc.today, i think. her belly and legs r swelld up, possibly frm "Both docs think the tumors are now pressing on my vena cava, hence the swellings." she sed her body chanjd in jus 3 short weeks! she's feelin vry down, obviusly. i'm wating fr mor info. i'll post it heer whn i get it, i'm hopin she mite pop in heer tho. whn she does, i no it wil make her smmile if she sees our hopes an wishs fr her.

heer is the p.s. she put on the emale, it ses it all and reminnds us that cancer is cancer, no mattr wht label it wares..."PS The next time people refer to this as a "slow growing" lymphoma, I think I will spit or throw up. Slow-growing, my ass! "

doffie, snding al my hope and love to u. warm gentl heeling hugs to u. we r all wating fr newws......



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%$*)&(()#&$&*)%$&* This news sucks, and Im sorry that Doffie is going thru this and Im cursing big time.

Just spoke with Doff and she has alot of tests scheduled for this week and should know more early next week. Understandably, she is very disheartened and feeling discouraged. Jules also is undergoing medical tests, so this is a real rough time for them.

On a positive note tho-- her back pain seems a tad better and theyve figured out a better schedule for her pain patches.

Doff, sending huge hugs your way


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I will definitely keep Doffie in my thoughts and prayers as she tries to find answers. She is such a special lady who deserves better than she's gotten lately.


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Oh, &*#*!! Doffie: am have been wondering how you've been. Damn. Look for some email and I'll give you a call later today. Hope they have a great idea for what to do next.

This is such a friggin nasty disease. It leaves some of us to live our lives relatively unscathed and hits other hard over and over again.

Take care.


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I sure hope our beloved Doffie gets to the bottom of what's causing her miserable swelling!!! I'm sure its really tough not to get to feeling so down.

Hang in there Doffie....we love you and we're all here pulling for you!!!!



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Doffie - thinking of you and hoping they have answers for you really soon. Feel good thoughts and warm hugs surround you.




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thannks fr the added innfo, linda. truth. thank u. she told me bout jules. rats!

i conseed to the "articulashun" of our belovd esteemd doctrs on our bord, anjou annd andy, who alwways hav a beutiful way of expressing.
annd i agre wholehartdly.

"%$*)&(()#&$&*)%$&* This news sucks..."

doff, thinkin of u....



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Well, crap! I could say worse than that but Dang, it wouldn't be very lady like. And I am TRYING to be a lady these days.

Doffie...I hope you check in here and get these messages. I am keeping you in my prayers for extra prayers for a while. You've been through so much hun! Wish I could help you with some of it. I wish I were there to give you a huge hug. Here's a cyber one for you anyway! {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}


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Adding my prayers, hopes and smiles with the millions already on the way. Bless your sweet, sweet heart Doffie - I'm hoping you get this resolved quickly and are back on the board soon!



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#$$%#$%$#%#%!!!!! Since my son can't read yet, I can swear all I want this way. Doffie, this news has hit me like a ton of bricks. It just sucks so bad that this is happening to you. The PACE was supposed to be it!!! I can only imagine how dissapointed and po'd you are right now, and I'm also sorry to hear that Jules is going through testing as well.
Please know that I'm sending you positive thoughts and thinking of you often.


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Doffie, I'm sending you hugs and prayers that something will work really soon. Glad the back pain is under better control.


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@#$%^&**()@#$%^& ME TOO

Doffie I hope you get some action soon and get this thing kicked in the buttt. Like many of the spouses I will relate to Allan's problems when I hear others! He has been down big time a lot of times and just recently as well and just pulls out of it (with some aggressive noise and action it especially works well). Get as much help as you can and don't let up! Allan has also had his feet swelling big time and his gut as well. Don't despair too much and if you do take remeron (anti depressant--as it increases appetite and gives you get up and go). Hope to hear from you soon.


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I am absolutely shocked by what Sara has just posted. I really thought you were not on the board because of your back pain, but this is just ridiculous. Please know that you are in my thoughts all the time.
Please do not lose hope!


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Damn, damn, DAMN. Oh, Doffie, we love you so much. If there was only a way we could be there with you, could DO something to help, to make it go away.

Doffie, you and Jules are in our hearts and thoughts. We won't breathe until we hear how both of you are doing.

With love and hope,



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oh GOD,my dear friend ,i'm so schocked........
i really hope by now you are feeling better, i have you in my prayers ,today and always .


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AWWWW !$%#@$%^ Doff, so sorry to hear about your latest struggles.

All my hopes,



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I was so sorry to hear about the tough times you are going through. I pray things get better for you and Jules soon.