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OT: My Little Devil!


New member
Let me paint a picture before relating this incident. My townhouse has an odd configuration. The kitchen is in the front and has a big window that overlooks the porch. We usually keep the shade up, and anyone outside can see in.

Tonight I was in the living room when my mother-in-law called me for help. She was laughing, so I knew she wasn't in trouble.

When I went in the kitchen, she was at the sink with her back to the window. Get this, her pants were on the floor, and her underwear were pulled all the way down to her legs! Tyler pulled her pants down while she had her arms in the dishwater! I hope she didn't moon any of the neighbors! I so wish I had had my camera!


New member
What a little pistol! Hope he didn't see all the hysterical laughing you and your mom did...if he did...better be on your guard at all times