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Onc referral in LA


New member
Hi everyone,

I’m a very old member. My daughter had Hodgkins and died 10 years ago. Now, it looks like my son has lymphoma. We’re waiting for biopsy results to find out what kind of lymphoma it is. He really needs to start treatment quickly because there’s a mass that’s creating blood clots, hence the reason he went to the hospital on Saturday.

So, I live in the Las Vegas area. He lives in downtown Los Angeles so I’m looking for a good onc there. He might come here for treatment but we’d still want a lymphoma specialist in LA. I appreciate any referrals you can give.

Thanks. Alison


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Oh geesh, I'm sorry that your son might have lymphoma I don't know anybody in LA but sending support and virtual hugs.. Linda


Super Moderator
Hi Alison, I remember you from back then and I'm really sorry that you have to face lymphoma with a second child. UCLA has an excellent lymphoma group. The doctor whose name comes to my mind is DeVos. I know a few people who have seen him and have liked him very much. Overall, it is an excellent center. Between there and City of Hope, your son should be able to get excellent guidance.