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Need writers (and editors?) for main lymphoma site overhaul.


Staff member
Ok.. I'm motivated to try this again. An overall of the main site is been needed for a long time. One aspect of this are the little info articles. They are all 15+ years old and are clearly dated.

Does anyone here want to either write quality little articles for the site, or help identify a list of what topics are worth covering?

I can oversee a web design overall for the main site, but we run this as a community service and resources are limited (the limited advertising doesn't cover the cost to run the site, but the shortfall isn't a big deal). I just don't have time to play editor or project manager for what content should go on the main site.

I do have a possible lead (not from this site) on a writer who happens to also be a doctor with a background in lymphoma, but we would likely burn through our tiny budget very very quickly...

Volunteers? Thoughts? Advise?