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More happy news!


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I recently got the results of my 13th year since NHL diagnosis/treatment scans etc. and all is clear! Hope to grow up to be like Anjou!

Since 2013 they have noted lung "things" - "tree in bud", "ground glass", "nodular densities" etc suggesting atypical infection . I am totally asymptomatic for lung infection but scheduled to see a pulmonary doc.


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Hope the pulmonary doc finds nothing really wrong and this is just one of those odd things we wind up chasing down due to scans. Then you can just fully enjoy and celebrate another clean scan!!


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Hi there-- congrats on 13. Here's to many many more!!!!

Hopefully the lung thing is just a incidental finding that is insignificant.

I've had lung nodules from the get go- and my onc asked if I'd ever lived in Ohio River Valley --yup. college...-- evidently there is a fungus you might breath in that causes lung nodules... (Histoplasmosis)

Last year, I went on a marathon of ultrasounds and biopsy when the radiologist thought he saw a change in my uterus.. it ended up being nothing- but had to ultrasound it at 6 mos intervals and then I had to have a biopsy-- all benign... but the whole thing was nerve wracking til it got to that point.


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Congrats on the lucky 13! Very glad to hear!
Here is hoping the pulmonologist after examining you says "What is a healthy person like you doing here?"
God Bless

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Congrats! Have also had various types of nodules - all resolved. They are just "noise" now.

Talk to you when it's 14 years!

Sue B

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Great to hear that you are doing great, wonderful news this gives hope to all of us on this forum.


Great news on your 13th year! I also had lung nodules, which popped up after my SCT. The doctors went so far as to take a biopsy. At first they could not rule out TB, so they prescribed pills that a county nurse was required to watch me take every day. Once they ruled that out, I waited several weeks for the culture tests. The results were inconclusive, but pointed to MAC (mycobacterium avium complex) as the culprit. They put me antibiotics, antivirals and an antifungal for over a year. It seems it was much ado about nothing. Hopefully yours will be similar.