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Mild night sweats on treatment


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Hi everyone first post here on this site want to say thankyou to everyone for such a great support network. I'm currently going through cycle 6 of BrECADD in the ghsg hd21 trial. and have been having mild night sweats on and off for the last month or so. My interim pet after cycle 2 showed mru with a max SUV of 3.85 SUV liver 3.6. down from 18.5. I never really had drenching night sweats pre dx only slightly sweaty legs during the winter previous to dx it seems now the sweats are concentrated around my chest and head. Only damp no need to change pillow or night clothes and dry within a min or two of waking. I have spoken to my haematologist and they really don't know what to say. I'm due for my post treatment scans at the start of june but was wondering if anyone had any insight on what this could be. And if I should be worried.

Male 32 Australia
Dx12/19 nshl 2b unfavorable with bulky mass interim pet Deauville 4 mru, 6 cycles of BrECADD awaiting final results
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I have a different form of lymphoma and had different chemos, but I definitely had night sweats during chemo that were just related to the effects of chemo on my body and not anything about the lymphoma which was being treated successfully. I never got a good description of why they were happening. If I was neutropenia I seemed more likely to get them but not always. Night sweats are caused by a lot of things.

And don’t worry about the list of relapses in my sig, that’s common for my form of lymphoma.

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I was treated with ABVD 2015-2016. I had night sweats during the first 4 or 5 treatments. A doctor friend said its a tumor-reduction fever and is a good sign.

Hang in there!


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Thanks for the responses the sweats seemed to have settled thankfully, I seem to be having every symptom on and off waiting for the scan which is driving up my anxiety. I've now got an intermittent pain in my spleen area that I also had pre dx but have never had any evidence of disease in that area on any scan, has anyone ever experienced something similar ?

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I believe you are suffering from “scanxiety”. I too used to magically develop every symptom leading up to a scan. Don’t let it consume you. The scan results will not change no matter what you do, so try to find some peace. I was once told I should try to change my outlook and have “scanticipation” instead. Look forward to the good results you will almost certainly be receiving.

As for the pain in the spleen area, I had the exact same feeling. I never had disease in my spleen and my spleen was never enlarged. I went as far as to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy. Nothing was found. The mind is very powerful. Use it to your advantage, not your detriment.

Looking forward to hearing good news from you soon.