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3 years to the month, symptoms are back


On March 1st I had my first scan at Moffitt with my new oncologist having just moved to Tampa at Christmas. Dr. Bello is very nice.

I just so happened to have pneumonia at the time so the CT was conveniently timed. The items of note were:

Comparison CT March 2018.
Spleen: No mass. Slightly increased splenomegaly, 14.1 cm, previously 13.2 cm

Lymph nodes: Slightly increased mesenteric adenopathy:
-(Series 4, image 145) 1.3 x 0.8 cm, previously 1.2 x 0.7 cm
-(Series 4, image 156) 2.0 x 0.7 cm, previously 1.2 x 0.6 cm


1. Increased mesenteric adenopathy and splenomegaly.

2. Right lower lobar pneumonia, likely infectious. Appearance uncommon for MALT.

Fast forward to last Thursday the 25th. Started to get aches but nothing that hasn't happened a dozen times since chemo. Typically if I'm too sedentary at the computer I need to get up, walk, move around, stretch, and it goes away in an hour or three.

Over the last week though it's gotten more noticeable, persistent, and constant. The last two days is been present during the day and night. When I lay on my right side, it gets more activated. All the exact same symptoms as last with the one exception that I'm not cold all the time. I haven't needed warm showers, sweat pants at night, etc..

I've reached out to Moffitt to try to get a scan and an appointment but it's such a huge machine, it is terribly impersonal. I'll call in the morning.

Moved the family from Colorado to Florida and started an amazing new job April 1st, and just started to coach my son's sports team. Everyone has made great new friends and life is going so well...

My God, I hope I haven't relapsed!!

I hate this stress of uncertainty!!! Aaaasrrrrgggg

Sorry for spewing stress and venting.


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I see why you are upset but those nodes are not very big and you were sick at the time. So I would hold out hope it is nothing but also applaud doing just what you are doing to look into it. The waiting and uncertainty is horrible.

Here’s hoping it is nothing and you can get back to enjoying all those wonderful parts of life.


Pneumonia can cause enlarged spleen. And there are many causes for enlarged mesenteric nodes. And as Andy pointed out, they ain’t that big. Holding my thumbs it’s just some inflammation. It just really sucks to wait.


Waiting sucks and our mind always goes there. But I agree with the others.... the illness could be causing this not relapse. Hang in. no place better to vent than here. Hugs ellen


It's difficult to to put it aside, but maybe you can enjoy the Florida weather and spend some time coaching your son's team to get your mind off the zillions of possibilities. Here's hoping for the best.


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Relapse schmelapse. OK, I might be minimizing it a "bit." You have an active infection. And... just what does that do to nodes? Yup.

If this happens again, why not delay the scan until you are well for your own peace of mind? You are worried. The doctors, who know their stuff, do not seem to be. If you can, take your cue from them.


Guess I should have been more explicit in my anxiety driven spewing.

I've been over the pneumonia for a few weeks. The CT scan was March 1st. I was over the pneumonia by the first week of April.

The abdominal pain started last Thursday. So roughly 3 weeks in between. It's already becoming quite painful, progressing from the dull ache.

I've got an appointment Thursday with the oncologist PA but dr. Bello is booked until June. If I'm correct about my suspicions, I'd be lost by then.

This sucks. Still pushing on and hoping for the best though.


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It is good that you will see the PA. I expect that if they are concerned then time will open up with the oncologist or a scan can be ordered. I’ve found that oncologists are pretty good at triage and there are often secret holes in their schedules.

For one unexpected appointment we were given my primary onc’s lunch time. First, I was surprised that she took lunch. But having been given that time, we brought a small buffet with us. She did prepare a plate to take to her office and we left the rest for the nurses.

And once we were told to get a scan the next morning and went down to the imaging lab. The first receptionist said they didn’t have a slot and her coworker looked over at the screen and said, “give him the 9am slot. Look who his doctor is. If we don’t do it she will come down here and yell at us.” Then she looked at us and said, “she saved my Mom’s life.”

I hope you get similarly good care and good news.

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...my anxiety driven spewing.
Since you do not have a relapse*, what are you doing about that anxiety? Trouble sleeping? If so, I can make a recommendation to ask doctor about.

* You do not have cancer until a pathology report states that you have cancer.


All the folks here are such treasures, but sometimes our own posts can help too, specifically with anxiety. I haven't had pneumonia this year, but I have a sneaky suspicion that I may have had COVID-19 from Jan-Mar. The symptoms lasted nearly 9 weeks but I did have a positive flu-A test in Feb, got 80% better, then worse again, then 90% better, then worse again. Almost like a yo-yo. The doctor tested me for flu again at the end of Feb and it was negative. Several symptoms were similar. Inflammation, slight fever, dry cough, but no shortness of breath.

After recovering now for several months I went biking with my son. First time in a LONG time I've got biking. I even had to replace the chain because it was so rusted and I didn't expect it would last for the whole ride. That was 3 days ago and over the last 24 hours I've had that increasing ache\pain in my former tumor spot. It's actually woke me up the last two nights. So lack of sleep hasn't helped with anxiety. The odd part with this ache/pain is that it seems to only present itself when I exercise my core muscles. Not necessarily my stomach\crunching muscles, but mountain biking for ~3hrs works the core a fair bit.

As with many posts, I think this is as much anxiety relief than anything else. I guess I'm not even asking anything really now that I've re-read my own ramblings.

I miss the boards here and am glad to see folks are still active and supporting those in need.

p.s. The new boards look nice!


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Sorry to hear this. First, you may very well have scar tissue from the tumor(s) and or surgical biopsies. When you stress the area, the collagen scar tissue is not as movement friendly as the skin or fascia, (i.e. burn victims losing flexibility) and nerves are impinged upon. Happens to me regularly, as I had infiltration of the iIeum (the connection of small and large intestines), so I get a reminder each time that my gut works. Cannot imagine that it would be an exercise-induced relapse. Is there even such a thing? You worked the area hard and always remember that, no matter how good we feel, we are damaged goods and not at the prior level. Age, too is in there.

Secondly, CoViD-19 often arrives with a loss of taste and smell - unique traits. Thirdly, there are over 3,000 known viruses and millions which are unknown. Last year or so I have had Rhino virus several times, HPIV, HRSV, HMPV and 2-3 other "H" viruses that were never identified, despite every known panel on earth being run. If you have been careful, it is likely just one of the innumerable viruses floating around.

If you have had CoViD, you should have developed antibodies, and those would be identified in testing. However, it can relapse (aren't we tired of that?), but you have been careful all along, right? One way to find out, and many insurance companies are not requiring pre-authorization for testing.

So, I think you are battle-worn, shell-shocked, gun-shy and every other colloquial adjective that may apply here. IOW, ease into biking, as I have been - that is until I tore my left retina and since yesterday, now have a laser scar around both the tear as well as the circumference of the retina.

I look like a low-budget Johnny Depp.

p.s. You appear to be subject to anxiety. You are in good company. However, do you have a belief system, cultural practice, meditative routine, religion or other? Time to dive in for some peace of mind! If not, then maybe search for one, as all deal with illness and the inevitable. You need not allow the unknown to destroy the known (your life).
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I agree with po18guy that aches and pains near former tumor sites could be due to scar tissue. The good thing is that you got out on your bike. You can always check with your doctor but I bet that the combination of new exercise, old damage, and stress can explain a lot.

Your Feb-March symptoms sound a lot like mine from that time period. I also had noticeable shortness of breath when exercising. Even my squash partners now remember how out of breath I was back then (on the few days I was up to playing). But an antibody test last week was negative for COVID-19. There were other bugs circulating out there but I wasn't tested for any of them.