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  1. zac495

    Stem cell collection not 100% successful

    I collected basically zero day one and then was successful. So I can't speak to the 2nd round. The only thing - they didn't try to collect my cells until all chemo was over. Wishing you the magical millions!! Love, Ellen
  2. zac495

    Update on Scott

    Oh my gosh that's SO FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! SO tired - I remember. It's tough, but he'll start feeling better and better. All my love to you both Ellen
  3. zac495

    Update and question about relapse...

    Sending great vibes for a great scan! Love, Ellen
  4. zac495

    New to forum

    Welcome to our friendly forum! Love your physics humor!!! Newton's 3rd Law!!! Love, Ellen
  5. zac495

    Welcome hailstorm

    Welcome to our Friendly Forum, Sorry you have a reason to be here, but we're always here. Love, Ellen
  6. zac495

    Got PET CT results

    SO NICE to hear great news! Stay Safe and Healthy, Ellen
  7. zac495


    Two years is HUGE!! The worry didn't subside for me until about 4 years - and even since then I still worry - but it does ease up. LOVE and stay safe! Ellen
  8. zac495

    Don’t get it

    Stay Safe Love, Ellen
  9. zac495

    Follicular lymphona grade 2 Stage 4

    Oh that's so great to hear!!! Hugs, Ellen
  10. zac495

    Scott had his haplo transplant today

    54 push-ups????? I am so impressed. Here's to you both. Loads of Love, Ellen
  11. zac495


    Sure I answered the survey.
  12. zac495

    Scott had his haplo transplant today

    I'm so glad to hear from you and to know Scott got to transplant. All my love to both of you. Please keep us up to date. HUGS Ellen
  13. zac495

    Bummer..Friends transplant delayed 3 to 4 months

    Oh my gosh. They delayed mine by a couple of weeks for various reasons and I almost jumped out of the window! Terrible.
  14. zac495

    New test results

    Delighted to log on to hear this great news! Love, Ellen
  15. zac495

    Corona Virus and Cancer Treatment

    The article says those who had bone marrow transplants are at higher risk. Then it says stem cell transplant. Then it says if a patient isn’t undergoing steroid treatment they are not at a higher risk. Which is it? I believed people like me who are now healthy are not at greater risk. Thoughts?
  16. zac495

    My son is a match for someone

    Thank you. I'm quite proud of him.
  17. zac495

    My son is a match for someone

    He did the blood work and a health form. Then he waits. They said it would be a couple of months until he knows....
  18. zac495

    Been awhile - long post

    That's tough. So are they treating lymphoma or pancreatic cancer? All my love to you and Al. I always think there's hope. Cart T is available at some hospitals if not all. Could you travel if need be? HUGS Ellen
  19. zac495

    CURE - A book about natural regression

    I don't believe in any of that. However, I do believe a positive attitude leads to positive approaches such as continuing to exercise and following proper nutritional and health guidelines outlined by doctors. I also believe it helps give quality life during treatment. So yes, attitude makes a...
  20. zac495

    My son is a match for someone

    He won't need to go there. The blood work all happens here. I hope this virus doesn't lead to secondary deaths such as not getting needed treatment due to travel restrictions. YIKES