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  1. mclemore

    Welcome to our Updated Message Forums!

    Dear Members and Visitors, Welcome to our new forum system upgrade! It's our most significant undertaking at Lymphoma.com in 11 years. There are a lot of great new features that our upgrade brings. And while a lot of things will seem pretty familiar, we understand some things may take a...
  2. mclemore

    Forum Software Upgrade..

    These forums will be getting a major upgrade in the coming days. During which time, the existing forums will be either closed, or will be read-only. The new forums will have a similar but more modern look and feel. The largest changes will occur for mobile experiences: (1) the new system...
  3. mclemore

    FAQ - Forum Use

    (bump to top of list).
  4. mclemore

    Looking for help - content for main Lymphoma.com site

    Please see: http://forums.lymphoma.com/showthread.php?t=64311
  5. mclemore

    Looking for help - content for main Lymphoma.com site

    Please see: http://forums.lymphoma.com/showthread.php?t=64311
  6. mclemore

    Need writers (and editors?) for main lymphoma site overhaul.

    Ok.. I'm motivated to try this again. An overall of the main site is been needed for a long time. One aspect of this are the little info articles. They are all 15+ years old and are clearly dated. Does anyone here want to either write quality little articles for the site, or help identify...
  7. mclemore

    Google Consumer Surveys Test

    We are currently looking for ways to reduce expenses company wide. As such, we would like to find ways to see this site be slightly more self-sufficient. Starting later today, we will be conducting doing a test on the forums that will affect visitors that are NOT LOGGED IN. Anonymous surveys...
  8. mclemore

    Most keep your email addresses current...

    It's really important that people keep their email addresses current. If not and you lose access to your account, you won't have a quick way to regain access to it. Also, invalid email addresses cause problems to the site and the community. There is a small problem with some people not...
  9. mclemore

    NH/H Sections -- News Vs. Support.

    You are very welcome, and thank you for the kind words. I've received PM and email about this two. Not everyone agrees, but the majority seem to like it merged back together, and those that like it merged back together seem to be more passionate about it than those that like it separate...
  10. mclemore

    NH/H Sections -- News Vs. Support.

    Ok... so the news posts used to be mixed with the support posts... then I made them a separate section... then I nestled them underneith the support section (for longer than I planned to)... and now they are back in a separate section... I think everyone has seen all the combinations...
  11. mclemore

    smoking EBV hodgkins

    Now if someone had used the report post buttons on these threads as appropriate, moderators might look at this particular user.
  12. mclemore

    smoking and hepatitis c

    If anyone has any concerns about any of these posts, you can use the 'report post' button and get the moderators to look at them...
  13. mclemore

    Initial Moderators Chosen

    5 'Super Moderators' with powers in each section have been chosen for the first term, so to speak: andym, bbyblueiii, Defense, josie, and KarlS I'd like to keep the number of them at about 5. Users that may help with that roll in the future include: historicglass, softballmom, etc...
  14. mclemore

    Signature Size Limits 3 -> 4 lines?

    A few days ago I changed the limit from 3 to 4. I'll likely upgrade it again in the future but I want to make a doc that lists my changes to vbulletin (important when upgrading, etc.). In the meantime, I'd prefer to keep it the same as the arcade forums (4).
  15. mclemore

    NH/H Sections -- News Vs. Support.

    Hodgkins was not changed in any way. Only NH was split as a test at this time. There really isn't a great way to filter them when they are all within one section. I thought about that yesterday. People don't like change. I should have said, "Let's try this for a week (or two) and then...
  16. mclemore

    NH/H Sections -- News Vs. Support.

    Thanks. There have been dozens of changes this week, but the vast majority of them will likely go unnoticed. For example, now only logged in members can see who is online at any given time (bottom of the home page of the forums). Not logged in, no need to see that data. Change for both...
  17. mclemore

    NH/H Sections -- News Vs. Support.

    That's what I need to hear... people's reactions, either here (up to 1) or via PM (also received 1 so far). I thought it was a potentially valuable change (it seemed to make sense to me), but then again, I'm not a user of these forums. So it's up to all of you to let me know what works and what...
  18. mclemore

    NH/H Sections -- News Vs. Support.

    Ok... so the NH/H sections have tons of personal support threads (either general support or quasi medical) but they also have a lot of things like links to external news stories, etc. Should personal posts and medical info that has no personal connection be separated into different forum sections?
  19. mclemore

    Signature Size Limits 3 -> 4 lines?

    There isn't really a performance issue. More of an issue of screen space, etc.
  20. mclemore

    Leukemia and Myeloma sections -- take down?

    I ended up taking them down, and removing the keywords from the site so they don't dilute our Lymphoma message in the search engine rankings. It just didn't seem like it was meant to be. I assume and hope these people have found active resources elsewhere.