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  1. josie

    I’m Seven!

    Congrats on hitting 7 years! :)
  2. josie

    Gratitudes 2019

    I am grateful for my family, and for having a roof over my head, heat in the winter, and food in my belly. I am grateful for continued NED. I am ever so grateful for this board and for all of you who have helped along the way. I'm still having a very tough time coming to this site since DAL...
  3. josie

    Constantly sick in winter, anything I can do about it?

    Do you get outside a lot in the winter? Go sledding, skiing, ice skating, make a snowman. Being cooped up with people leaves you inside w/all their cooties... Being outside will lift your spirits and get you out of the germ factory.
  4. josie

    20 years clear

    20 years is a great milestone for sure!! I hope the next 20 are a walk in the park! Congrats!
  5. josie

    It’s a Go

    Sorry so slow to post, but hoping that all goes smoothly for you, and you kill those nasty cancer cells for good! Stop in to tell us how you are doing!
  6. josie

    More happy news!

    Congrats to your first 13 years! Here's to many more!
  7. josie

    I guess we're all thinking

    It was a difficult weekend, I flew back to Connecticut for Dave's service. It wasn't easy, but I'm glad I was there, and also glad I was asked to speak.
  8. josie

    Devastating News

    In case anyone is available locally to it, Dave's service will be on July 21st at the Harwinton Congregational Church at 1:00 pm.
  9. josie

    5, count-em, 5 years since transplant

    Congrats on your first 5 years post transplant! I hope your next 5 and beyond are even better. I hope someday you can honestly say you are cured!
  10. josie

    Probable Transformation

    Well, I am back home and just got the internet back today after the company messed up twice in getting it back in my name... So, it sounds a lot like what I went through, long W&W and then transformation, and also chemo naive. I did the 6 R-CHOP as well. It sucked but was doable. I did it...
  11. josie

    Devastating News

    Thanks everyone for the kind words... I'm still in a state of shock. He loved this forum and those of us on it. He endured so much, and was still fighting the fight. There came a time when Dave stopped talking to me about his ailments. He knew I worried a lot, and he wanted our...
  12. josie

    Probable Transformation

    I'll be back to post to you when I get home. It is difficult for me to use my iPad because the screen is hard for me to read. Don't panic though!
  13. josie

    Devastating News

    I am in Connecticut now for the service of one of my uncles, which was on Saturday. I had a free day on Thursday and I drove up to harwinton, to visit Dave, known here as DAL. We had a lovely day together, he showed me his home, and yard and the fields he takes care of. He took me to a...
  14. josie

    Enlarged heart

    Your heart is larger than normal because you store a lot of love and kindness in it!
  15. josie


    I've always had very thick hair. I lost all of it during six rounds of R-CHOP and felt terrible without it. Not because of vanity as much as walking by a mirror and not looking like me. It grew back in fast and furious. However the color had gone from brown to a very interesting mix of...
  16. josie

    Survivors guilt. Has it ever hit you?

    I felt guilt twice about surviving when someone else passed away from this disease. For those of you who remember McKenna, and Michael. Both young children, I believe at age 9 and 10. I could not believe how unfair the universe was to take them at such a young age.
  17. josie

    Another test

    Best of luck to hear the words stable!
  18. josie

    Discovered 1.7 CM lymph node in throat during ER visit

    I know it sounds odd, but often a doctor will order a fine needle biopsy first because it is cheaper and much easier to get paid by an insurance company. If the doctor wants a core needle one first, then the insurance company will likely deny it as not medically necessary because a FNA was not...
  19. josie

    Old Timers, any memories of JerryOH

    I was also saddened to hear about Jerry's passing. I met him back around 2007 along with Jim as my daughter went on a tour of Miami University. They welcomed us into their home for dinner and Jerry made sure her tour of the college was extra special and she got to meet those in the department...
  20. josie

    Today admit into hospital ER !

    Dave, I sure hope this works wonders for you and doesn't give you any problems! You deserve to have some good news after so many years of pretty much nothing!