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  1. anjou

    Reminder: Amazon Smile donations

    I changed my Amazon Smile to LLS when PAL stopped its non-profit status
  2. anjou

    Update on Scott

    Glad that he's on the mend!
  3. anjou

    Would appreciate some blood test insights please...

    Thanks for the update!! Glad that you're doing well and that the tumor was benign
  4. anjou

    I think I have follicular lymphoma

    Sounds like you saw an excellent doctor!! Glad it's not lymphoma
  5. anjou

    New to forum

    Welcome aboard! Hope your appointment goes well
  6. anjou

    I think I have follicular lymphoma

    It’s always hard waiting for results when lymphoma is one of the rule outs. You have a few days to wait until the doctor can examine you and that is hard. Many folks have come here who’ve had lymphoma as a rule out and they end up fine. If the doc thinks there is real need for concern they...
  7. anjou

    Went to ENT

    That's great the second ENT didn't think this was anything serious!!
  8. anjou

    Onc referral in LA

    Oh geesh, I'm sorry that your son might have lymphoma I don't know anybody in LA but sending support and virtual hugs.. Linda
  9. anjou

    I’m Seven!

  10. anjou

    Went to ENT

    That's great that the ENT wasn't particularly concerned about what they felt.. Hopefully, you can trust an expert like that who actually saw you, felt your neck more than people you don't know on the internet. The doctor wasn't alarmed by what you showed her so its time to relax. It sound's...
  11. anjou


    I’m glad you are both well today and 2 years is quite the landmark. Thank you for this reminder: “So it is back to my mantra ‘we are alright today’ and the knowledge that bad times resolve, for good or ill, one day at a time, and I just have to get through today ‘bloody but unbowed’.” Many of...
  12. anjou

    Welcome hailstorm

    Glad you're still doing well-- inspirational for newbies!
  13. anjou

    Got PET CT results

    Pleased to read your news!
  14. anjou

    New test results

    Fabulous news!!
  15. anjou

    Corona Virus and Cancer Treatment

  16. anjou

    Itchy after remission

    Hi- I haven't had this situation so can't answer from personal experience. I've had itchy hives in reaction to medication but that happened to me once before lymphoma, so i first jumped to the possibility of a new med causing the itching. I have jumped to worry about relapse when I've had...
  17. anjou

    Corona Virus and Cancer Treatment