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  • Hi, I'm new and my 30 year old son is waiting for core needle biopsy results taken on Dec 23 for enlarged lymph node in the armpit. The enlarged node was found early April this year and just smaller than a golf ball, at which point he had an ultrasound - at that time he had no "B" symptoms. In September the node had grown a bit maybe just larger than a golf
    ball, however since then it has doubled in size. It seems now as well that he may be experiencing some of the "B" symptoms - night sweats, itch, fever, - he works in construction and just thinks these things are do to working hard. When the radiologist was performing biopsy he indicated that were also 2 more visible lymph nodes of a good size behind the largest one. My question is can "B" symptoms just all of sudden start when they weren't there before? We are expecting some sort of result Tuesday/Wednesday this week. Any info would be greatly appreciated by this worried momma bear.
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