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  • I, too, am an infrequent participant here, but I do want to stay in touch with you. Are you on Ibrutinib now? How are you doing? Our City of Hope hematologist tells us there are clinical trials ongoing to test the use of acalabrutinib to treat MZL https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02180711
    She thinks it will be better tolerated than ibrutinib. Meanwhile, my husband is asymptomatic and his blood counts are within acceptable range. Keeping fingers crossed for both you and him.
    Dear Greg,
    It's so rare to find someone with the the same diagnosis as my husband that I have been using the old diagnosis by his earlier oncologist in my profile. He is being treated at the City of Hope in Southern California. We were considering a 3rd opinion from Anderson, so thank you!
    Same to you, Anna. Sorry for the delayed response, I haven't checked back with the forum lately.

    I've completed 3 R-CVP treatments to this point, so I'm halfway there - so far so good!

    Best of luck to you as well,

    Greg (in Calgary)
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