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  • Sounds almost opposite of macular - mom has peripheral but nothing more. Geez let me know how you're doing. You can always write to me on email ellen495@gmail.com
    I hope it's not macular degeneration. My mom has that and it's not fun. We go there weekly to do her bills, groceries, etc. She's still 100% mentally there - but it's tough. Yeah, my eye is fine other than some residual reading difficulty. I'll take it! Love, Ellen
    Hope he finally gets it. I don't mind people being worried (even overly) and coming to us - but it's sometimes like SOME of them don't even notice how much the rest of us have been through - they just keep "hoping," to find something. Of course there are some very sweet people on the worried board and I don't mind trying ease their minds - but GEEZ! LOL.
    Curiouscat wrote to me privately after you closed it LOL. I told him I thought he was ruining his life and to move on.
    Hi Defens. You replied to one of my posts about living close to where I am and being diagnosed close to the same time. If my latest biopsy turns up to be my first relapse I will likely go to SCCA for a second opinion (they will probably want to run their own pathology just to make sure). I've been to SCCA twice now. Once when I was first diagnosed and again after my local onc recommended R-Chop back in 2010. I'm wondering if they will recommend R-Chop again since I was able to go 5 years in remission. Anyway, it's good to meet someone else on this forum that lives in the vicinity and also uses SCCA.
    Hi. Please correct my "username" in "ALL" posts on this forum. On 10/20/11, I requested a username change from "cinny42nancy" to "nanc"... I just googled "cinny42nancy" and many posts from this forum come up. Please correct this. You were noted as being on this site now so I am posting this message to you. You may pass this along to the other moderators. Hopefully, this will be corrected. Thank you. Greatly appreciated. Nanc
    It sounds good but my type of work is very demanding you have to be wright on top of you game or you could really get hurt! and people around you could get hurt .also the horse I am a full time farrier(black smith that shoes horses only)My family is very poor support thank you very much for your information! have a great day!.
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