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  • Hello there,

    First I apologize for my bad english. my wife (33 years old) was diagnosed with lymphoma DLBCL stage 4. It started with a mass on the left kidney. was taken by surgery in the kidney with the mass. so my wife has one kidney. We started chemotherapy. very rarely seen in the kidney. I think that you have done research on this subject. can we defeat this disease? do you have any recommendations for us?
    hi harry

    Just wanted to thank you for your posts...they were very helpful and hopeful!

    Going in on Thurs for an appt. w/ onc to make sure I understand as much as possible and also ask about side effects. I've kicked up my eating heathy (no sugar, whole organic foods) and may be able to get some medical marijuana oil (in theory, medical mj is legal in NJ but very restricted...).

    thanks again, and send me good thoughts!

    (ps. how old are you? funny wayne and garth quote :) I'm 44 w/ a hubby and 11 yr old son... )
    May16 - dx DH DLBCL Stage IV (tumor & bone marrow); 6-rounds DA EPOCH-R June-Sept 2016; Oct 2016 PET Scan & Bone Marrow Biopsy NED ; May 2017 PET = NED & Deported!
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